Friday, February 25, 2005


Evangelical Expectations

Remember on Monday when I posted the five things that I thought it was worth the church spending its moral authority on in the political arena? I seem to have been on the front of a trend. Stones Cry Out posted on a similar topic yesterday. (HT: SmartChristian) Here's SCO's short list:
1. Value Character
2. Support Human Rights
3. Develop a Consistent Ethic of Life
4. Honor and Protect Families
5. Help the Poor and Imprisoned
6. Be Responsible Citizens
7. Be Good Stewards
8. Do Justice
9. Recognize Evil
10. Seek Spiritual Vision
11. Demonstrate a Graceful Spirit
12. Share Your Faith
I do not have much problem with anything that is on the list, but I would order them differently, putting the last 6 first and reordering them some, but it's a good list.

Then he breaks it down some more, and the disagreements start to appear. I disagree with him entirely on the death penalty. I think he is soft on war and homosexual unions.

Then there is the whole environmental stewardship thing. As I have said again, and again. Yes we should be environmental stewards, but what that means is hugely debatable. Furthermore, I do not think that is an area that the church should put political capital behind it as an issue. SCO has a great point about how ineffective government is at feeding the poor. BINGO! When it comes to the environment as well.

This is worth a read, but keep your critical thinking cap on.


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