Thursday, March 24, 2005


As Terri Schiavo Dies, The Posturing Begins

It seems all but certain at this point that Terri Schiavo is going to die - die a sad, painful, thirsty death - die a death unworthy of a pet, let alone a former wife or a daughter. It is a sad grim day to be eclipsed only by the day that she actually does die.

As this sad event occurs, everyone starts lining up to continue the discussion about the broader issues.

Somewhere people are making the inevitable connection to the abortion debate. This is a valid connection and the discussion must be had.

Powerline and Radioblogger look at media coverage and miscoverage of the entire episode. I have experienced so much misinformation in the public on this issue, some of it because people have not looked at it hard enough, but some of it because of bad coverage. This is a discussion that needs to occur.

Hugh Hewitt in both blog and radio form is looking at the legal and constitutional ramifications of this entire episode. They are revealing and troubling. This is a discussion that absolutely must happen.

At Real Clear Politics, Robert Novak is looking at the political divisions and ramifications of these events as well. This likewise must be looked at in great detail.

Somewhere I have not found, I am sure the medical and neurological ramifications, diagnosis, and expertise that was used and needs to be developed is no doubt being discussed. This likewise, is a discussion that really needs to happen.

I wish I had the energy to participate in these discussions, or at least the ones that I enough knowledge and background to enter into. But alas, I do not have that energy.

I started blogging about Terri because I was moved to the core by videos of a handicapped woman interacting with her family. I am a sucker for stuff like that. I don't know why, but I am inherently drawn to handicapped individuals. Ask my wife - she has had to deal with me after my business travels had me coincidentally share lunch with a group of handicapped people, warehoused in some institution, out for their weekly adventure. I was a basket case; I wanted to hug them all and tell them they were good people; I just wanted to love them.

I wanted to love Terri. I have done what I can to express that love in my blog, with my donations, and in phone calls to any politician I could get to listen.

And now what I wish most is to get on a plane with my wife, go to Florida and hold Terri and hold her family, and comfort them, and tell them God loves them, and that many, many people in the nation and the world love them. But they are surrounded by people that can do that, they don't need this stranger.

So I need to grieve and mourn. Terri will be fine, God will see to her, of that I am confident. But I need to grieve. I never met he, but I will miss her.

This was about life, and I for one want to stay attached to that life, not just issues. For a brief period most of this nation has discovered its heart, its love, for a disabled woman. Let's continue to love her by letting her die in peace.

Let's honor the courageous fight her family has waged by grieving with them.

Once that is done, then we can join the vital and important discussions -- but let's honor Terri's life before we battle over her corpse.


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