Monday, March 14, 2005


Crunch Time for Terri

Dory at Wittenberg Gate points out that time has now grown very short for Terri Shiavo. Probably the best news she reports is that the federal law has been fast tracked! Blogs For Terri also has some news on that federal law front as well. Given the amount of traffic from "" I have been getting at this blog, I can tell the federal legislators are doing their homework. This is why blogging matters -- this is where they are coming to see the prevailing public opinion -- tell them loud long and often. If you are not a blogger, leave supportive comments at every site that you read that has Terri news -- you know those lawmakers are researching the comments as well.

On the legislative front, Blogs for Terri also has a post on what's happening with the Florida law.

Check out this post from Wittenberg Gate on Kate Adamson. She used to be in a full coma and her husband was advised to pull the plug -- now she is a fully functioning mother of two.

Can you please explain to me why this knucklehead, dare I say moonbat, of a judge would deny the opportunity for someone to even try and feed Terri by mouth (fourth item under updates at press time)after the feeding tube is removed.

Finally, there is this this piece by Al Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Seminary. It's really about the "Groningen Protocol," but as he begins:
Advocates for euthanasia routinely chide opponents that "slippery slope" arguments are fallacious and irrelevant. A decision to allow euthanasia in some cases, they say, does not in fact open the door for the killing of yet others. Tragically, however, the "slippery slope" argument is neither fallacious nor irrelevant, as recent developments in the Netherlands have made graphically clear. Once doctors are allowed to choose death over life, the resulting Culture of Death will inevitably discount human life in other contexts as well.
Isn't Terri's situation one of the biggest pieces of evidence for that contention you have ever seen?

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