Tuesday, March 01, 2005


It Just Doesn't Matter....

That headline is a movie reference, for those of you trivially inclined. Just for fun, send an email and name the movie. (Don't use comments, then everyone will see the your guess!) I will provide the first correct answer I get with much honor and glory by publishing their name in this space.

That was entirely an aside...on to business.

My entry in this week's Vox Apologia has bought quite a bit on comment, not to mention the other entries that disagree with me. The topic is Creation v Evolution, does it matter. I argued in the negative.

I want to go a little farther with this. I do not think God wants us to have some sort of scientific support for anything that has to do with our faith in Him. Have you ever noticed that anytime a reliquary is undergoes actual scientific scrutiny it is proven to be a fake? For example, consider the Shroud of Turin. Why is that?

I think it is because God does not want us to have our faith dependent on some physical object. There is a serious risk of such an object becoming an idol. I think that is why the Ark has been lost to the mists of time, God wants the Jews, and us, worshipping Him not some writing of the law.

Any evolutionary contrarian theory runs the same risk. Objective scientific evidence of God could too easily be confused with God Himself. Not only does evolution v creationism not matter, pushing creationism too hard runs contrary to God's desire for our hearts and focus.

There, I've said it, have at me....


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