Saturday, July 16, 2005


Why We Are Not "The Same"

Thanks to Assumption Of Command for the link to this story.
A routine orientation flight turned out to be anything but routine, at least for three Afghan children stranded in the middle of a flooded river near Salerno, Afghanistan, June 29.

It all started as Chief Warrant Officer James Gisclair was giving an orientation flight to a pilot new to the area. He and the new pilot, Chief Warrant Officer Nathan Scott, spotted a flash flood occurring after heavy rains hit the area earlier that day. They noticed a group of people standing alongside the banks of a flooding river, pointing toward the middle as they followed its path.

"As we looked closer we saw three kids stuck on a concrete foundation with the river rushing past them," Gisclair said. "We went back to Salerno, where we asked to go back to rescue the kids.
Which they subsequently did! When I read about 'insurgents' doing this sort of thing, instead of blowing little kids up, then I will at least deign to listen to moral equivalency arguements, though I will find them no more convincing. But until that time, we are dealing with total, undeniable scum.


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