Thursday, September 08, 2005


A Serious Challenge For The Church

Emerging church advocate Tall Skinny Kiwi is wondering if the price of gas won't drive people from megachurches in to emerging house churches. TSK quotes Musings
People who travel outside of their suburb to go to a mega-church might end up going to their local church...
I'm not sure about the price of gas in all this, but I find the idea of a mega-church being anti-environmental quite interesting. Think about it.

A mega-church puts a whole bunch of cars on the road, and to draw those huge crowds they have to come from a pretty long way away. Comparably sized business are required to engage in mandatory carpooling, ridesharing, public transportation reimburement and other programs to reduce the auto emissions. I know that our local mega-church creates quite the little jam on Sunday mornings.

Wouldn't this be an interesting church-state case? Can such regulations be enforced against a mega-church? How would it affect the ministry of the church? More importantly, how long will it be before some anti-Christian left-leaning whacko puts this on the public radar for debate? Much as I am no fan of mega-churches, I would not want to see them go down like this.


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