Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Back In The Air Links

Today off to Detroit - tomorrow on to Indianapolis.

Great question! - Answer: I know it when I see it, and I haven't seen much lately.

Ever time a see a Che Guevara T-Shirt, I get a little angry. On the plus side I once asked a 14-yo in one of she knew who it was, which caused her mother to chime in with a "THANK YOU!" Of course she didn't - it was just "hot." But you know good and darn well the makers of those shirts do. Why didn't the mother forbid the child to purshase the shirt? Why didn't all the people that thanked me for saying something reinforce the message by saying something as well?

The shriller they get, the more they are losing.

Gays that argue against the Christian mandate against homosexual practice I understand, but against Christianity itself? It certainly qualifies as hate speech. Is gay becoming a "religion"?

Wrong conclusion "Thinking Christian" - I have yet to meet a Christian that hates gays. There is a big difference between thinking them sinful and hating them. The first is born of compassion and a desire to bring slavation, in a word, compassion. The second simply discards them.

A bit too far methinks.

I love my Catholic brethren, but this is a little creepy.

How come this makes me think of the Wonder-Twins?

Bet I could make it dirty, and no, I won't tell you how.

The best place to eat after visiting a 1000-year-old cathedral and the seat of Anglicanism.

How to avoid a warp-core breach.

Vote now!

No doubt it is green. (Cultural reference here, but if you have to follow the link the jokes timing is gone.)

You don't say.

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