Sunday, December 03, 2006


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Revealing sectrets is not journalism, its treasonist. Just one man's opinion.

Mark Daneils is going to blog on spirtual gifts through advent. I'm betting his Lutheran perspective is going to be uniqure and interesting in comparison to the usual charismatic/cessasionist debate.

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear and waste some time.

Be afraid, be very afraid:

But there are other possibilities.

I quite frankly don;t know what's worse, the fact that someone thought of this, or that some darn fool is gonna pay for it...

I thought a review of a book about superhero physics would be fun, then I read this
One problem with thinking about this stuff for too long is that everything else starts to seem utterly insignificant in comparison.

These physicists are trying to understand God, while the rest of us are muddling along, going about our daily business not far removed from those Paleolithic people or even the insects underfoot.
NO NO NO! Physicists study physics, energy and matter - God is the stuff of metaphysics and studied by theologians and philosphers. Physicists that try to tell you differently are jerks with agendas.

Give me a break

Why the real Santa uses reindeer.

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