Monday, December 18, 2006


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When it comes to "global warming" - it's all a matter of perspective. Sadly, we increasingly take the short view. And it will never stop it if the fish don't help.

What am I saying? - the warm climate is obviously producing disasterous results.

I cannot believe they have to ask.

However, money is the bottom line in all of this. And, I think, the motivator. (This should give you an idea of what I am talking about - don't stop sin, encourage it and tax it. Or in the global warming case, make a sin up and tax it.) And yet, the long view, even on money...

Wisdom in the middle of the politics.
Key:Studies of discourse in these settings, including my own analysis of examples from the last 15 years (2-4), show, for example, that discussions of uncertainty have had the dual effect of justifying increased research funding while delaying policy decisions--a win for both the scientists and the politicians!
In other words, we keep the public all lathered up, so we can keep making a living investigating the unanswerable, but not actually doing anything. I jest a bit, but not entirely. The writer is seekig genuine dialog, and worthily so, but my point is broader - defining an "issue" does develop a virtual industry from which many can profit without ever producing a product. Something is a little akilter there.

Even the nature preserve doesn't always preserve stuff. Man is far from the most destructive thing in God's created order.

Via Glenn Lucke/Joe Carter comes this bit of fascinating video

Which put me in mind of this

and I laughed and laughed and laughed. Am I a blasphemer?

And suddenly, I felt my age. A rock-and-roll quiz, no mention of the Beatles, Stones, Clapton? What?

Because an old-fashioned fake fire just is not good enough.

Hugh Hewitt makes a funny. He must have been into the egg-nog over the weekend.

There is win at all costs and then there is this. I've never wanted anything that bad....

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