Wednesday, May 23, 2007



About three hours ago, I got a phone call from a lovely lady that had happened upon my parents beside a road in rural Mississippi where they were visiting. They had been in an accident and the only thing my father could get out was my phone number.

They are both now in the hospital with multiple fractures to the chest and clavical and collapsed lungs - in intensive care. My mother's lung has reinflated, but as of now my father's has not, they are working to keep him off the ventilator.

Extended family who they were visiting is with them. My sister, out of Indiana, will be there about midnight and my wife and I, out of LA, about noon tomorrow - we have a red-eye.

Please pray for them, at their advanced years recovery will not be straightforward, and in my father's case it remains uncertain, though likely.

I thank you in advance and I know the great community of Godbloggers can work miracles with prayer.


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