Thursday, April 07, 2011


Start At Home

David French excoriates the American church for divorce:
For more than three decades, the American Christian Church has participated fully and completely in the institution of no-fault divorce. Sacred bonds formed before God -- bonds that take two to form and two to live -- can be severed at the whim of one. Even worse, they're often severed even when Christian spouses are living fully immersed in the church culture. I've been in "accountability groups" that offer more empathy than accountability. I've seen counselors become puppet-masters for their emotionally vulnerable clients, marching them out of marriages the counselor subjectively views as dysfunctional. And I've read fashionable Christian bestsellers that offer such sweeping indictments of "judgment" in the church that they blur the distinction between judgment and mere reading comprehension.
This is a must read and a must convict for anyone that is serious about living a life of discipleship to Jesus Christ.

I can only add that I have watched divorce do a great deal of damage in the lives of children - some that I love very deeply. Of all the divorce I have witnessed, but once should it have happened and in that case the botched the process so badly it made matters worse rather than better.

The fact that the church stands by and watches this is very much to its shame.

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