Monday, November 12, 2012


True Artificiality

The Anchoress:
In rejecting religion as superstition or wishful thinking, Stephen Hawking attempts to create an “Us vs. Them” dichotomy between science and faith. In reality, no such dichotomy exists—and we need not choose whether to believe in science, or to believe in God. History is replete with scientists who were also men and women of faith.

Copernicus, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein come to mind, since Hawking writes in the realm of astronomical physics. I would add to that esteemed list Sir Francis Bacon, Johannes Kepler, Renee Descartes, Robert Boyle, Gregor Mendel, Michael Faraday, and Max Planck.
Sometimes I wonder what motivates some scientists to create this dichotomy. Well, needless to say, I have known a few scientists in my life and everyone I have ever spoken to on the matter is in the end no different than the rest of us. They seek the dichotomy to shield themselves from the pain of facing their own sin and weakness.

The real question is how to overcome that shield. Like most shields, you can rarely get directly through it. Besides, it's a diversion. What they need to see is the love of God that means that even in in the face of our sin and weakness, we are loved. That is not something you can argue - that is something that must be demonstrated with time and relationship.
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