Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Christian Economy

In today's Outtakes at Evangelical Outpost, Joe Carter comments on a story out of England. It seems an ecumenical group called, "Churches Together in Britain And Ireland" has released a report embracing prosperity and economic growth.

Joe is rather sarcastic that they are just coming to this conclusion now, but I am a little more sympathetic. Scripture is not entirely clear on the matter of free markets vs. Socialism. On the one hand there is the description of a Christian community in Acts 2 that seems very socialistic. But then there is law after law in the Old Testament confirming personal property rights -- a highly capitalistic notion.

I'm not sure that God has a specific economic system in mind. I have always felt that if each of us committed to Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit that somehow things would work well, regardless of the specific economic system we live in. I think that is why Jesus said "render unto Caesar" and Paul was relatively cavalier about slavery.

Money is not definitionally evil, but it sure is a tempting idol.


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