Saturday, December 29, 2012


Comic Art

George Perez
Mario Alberti
Jerry Ordway
Jesus Merino
Rodolfo Miglan
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Friday, December 28, 2012


Silly Christians

Nothing can make a smart Christian look sillier than for that smart Christian to be a young earth creationist. Such is the case with Al Mohler. I really enjoyed Chaplain Mike's take on Mohler and creationism from a while back. Mohler's central thesis is that if we do not accept Genesis literally the doctrine of original sin cannot stand. That is of course bunk. If we do not read Genesis literally we may not know the historical underpinnings for original sin, but we can still know and acknowledge that all men are sinners - the evidence around us is too strong to deny it.

But the real place I want to dip into this conversation is when Chaplain Mike writes:
Second, “…to the prevailing evolutionary dogma…” I am in no position to defend the evolutionary theory and have no desire to do so. But Al, come on, this is a straw man and you know it. Al Mohler is no scientist and in no position to dismiss an entire area of scientific inquiry by calling it “dogma.” Of course, there are atheistic dogmatists who use scientific evidence such as evolution to argue a case against Christianity or theism. But what about all the fine Christians who think evolution is a reasonable way to explain life’s development? And do not find it at all incompatible with reasonable ways of interpreting the ancient Scriptures? Who’s the dogmatist here?
I AM in a position to address this to a greater extent. The evidence for evolution is far from the standard for conclusive, but it is strong. There are many details to argue, but to argue that there is nothing to evolution at all is to assume that God created the earth with false evidence. Our choice is simple, either God is capricious and misleading or there is something to this evolution stuff. I for one think a capricious and misleading God is much more problematic than have a slightly more difficult time making the case for original sin.

There is still much evidence for sin, but a lying God is a major problem.
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Friday Entertainment - For The New Year

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Thursday, December 27, 2012



Mark Roberts:
Why should we praise the Lord? Because his love for us is unfailing and his faithfulness never ends.

Notice that worship is not something that begins with us. It’s not something we rev up in our own souls. Rather, worship begins with God, with his love and faithfulness. Our worship is always a response to God’s initiative and grace. Most of all, it responds to what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. In him, we see and experience God’s unfailing love and enduring faithfulness.

Thus, Christian worship is always flavored by the Gospel, the reminder of what God has done in Christ.
I think that is entirely reasonable, so here is my question. How can we appreciate what God has done for us if we do not spend at least sometime examining our own sinfulness? No, really, that is a serious question.

All that happy,clappy joy that we so like bringing to worship is born from a single reality - we suck but God STILL loves us. The depth of that love, its completeness is absent without the realization that we are sinners - and pretty bad ones at that.

I wonder, if we fail to grasp the depths of our sinfulness do we not fail to grasp the immensity of God's love? And if we fail to grab the immensity of God's love, is not our worshipful praise empty?
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Illuminated Hymn

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The Biggest Pronoun Of All

In an interview that is basically apromotional piece for a new small group curriculum, Christian Post writes:
There is too much of a "me" focus in evangelical Christianity today, said an editor of The Gospel Project and author of "Counterfeit Gospels: Rediscovering the Good News in a World of False Hope (2011)."

In a webcast on Wednesday explaining LifeWay Christian Resources' The Gospel Project, Trevin Wax, managing editor of the project, told listeners that "the Bible is not a self-help book," which is why The Gospel Project is more than just a curriculum or self-help guide.
I happen to think that is entirely true. I think the heart of the Christian life is learned to move ones focus off of oneself. But having said that I wonder if a) such a message can be contained in a curriculum, and b) if selling said curriculum is not counter to the message ti is trying to portray.

Learning to be less self-focused is really a matter of character, not learning. Character is not a fact that can be stored away and pulled out when useful. It is developed in someone through life and guidance. That is a matter than can only be accomplished in relationship, not curriculum.

Paul stated in his epistles that he had a right to demand compensation, and he did, but he refused so as not to compromise his message. I wonder if we might not want to consider a similar approach when it comes to our Christian message. I wonder if putting the message in front of the compensation ("Here have this curriculum and donate as you see fit.") does not validly illustrate the principle it is trying to teach.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas Art

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Monday, December 24, 2012


Christmas Eve With The Superheroes

For the seventh year running...
Merry Christmas From A Few Of My Friends

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