Saturday, November 19, 2011


Comic Art


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Friday, November 18, 2011


How does God Touch You?

Dave Bish, working his way through Song of Solomon asks:
What does a Christianity centred upon a lover look like?
OK, I get Dave's point, but in a world that has such a perverted view of what it means to be a lover, I think the question is pretty loaded. People come with so much stuff loaded on the idea of "lover" that I am not sure this is a good way to go.

Bish's analysis stays away from all sensual aspects of the Song and what it means to be a "lover," but is that even possible in our sex saturates cultures?

I also disagree with the fact that we have completed strayed away from this. There is a lot of "bride of Christ" talk in the New Testament. The Song of Solomon is not so much being suppressed as is the Old Testament generally. And if I am going to try and dive into the Old Testament, I am going to look for aspects of it that balance my view of God, not fuzzy it up, nor reinforce a New Testament only view.

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Friday Humor

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Thursday, November 17, 2011



Piper (on video):
To Say "I Received Jesus" Means Nothing...
...unless we receive Him for who He is. Piper then goes on to talk about all that Christ can provide us. All true, but...

...until we stop receiving Christ for what He can give us, on any level, and simply receive Him by laying prostrate and humble before Him, I wonder if we really have it all figured out.

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Illuminated Scripture

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


About Forgivness

Ron Edmondson:
7 Things Forgiveness is NOT...

Very helpful stuff. Too often forgiveness is treated as some kind of magic wand that makes relational difficulties go away. Often it just begins them.

Here is how I would put this, taking a slightly different angle. If you forgive me, you are not enabling me to continue in my aberrant behavior. You are; however, giving me the opportunity to learn what I did wrong and to endeavor not to repeat the mistake.

The real question is, "Do I want to learn?"

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Expressions of Faith

Sarah Pulliam Bailey looks at stories looking at something very dear to me:
During the NCAA tournament, a religion reporter asked me about the faith of Butler University’s basketball coach Brad Stevens. A few of my siblings attended Butler and one of them has a bulldog so surely one of us would know Stevens’ religion, right? We did some Googling and asking around, but it took a while to figure it out. No one had really thought to ask because he didn’t exactly point to the sky after they continued to plow through the tournament.
She then looked at a story (no longer available online) That appeared in the Indianapolis Star:
Stevens — who says he considers himself “about one-millionth” the person Dungy is in terms of character — has always thought faith should be something that’s lived out, rather than talked up. And, at 34, he feels like he’s someone who still has a lot of personal growth ahead of him.

“I’ve always said that part of growth is just doing it every day,” Stevens said in a recent interview about the faith that underlies his coaching and his life.

“Don’t talk about it. Do it. Be it.”
Stevens is the first Butler coach since I graduated with whom I do not have a personal acquaintance, and I sure wish I did. Let me ask you a question:

Who would you rather be with, Someone that talks like Jesus or someone that acts like Jesus? And I don't mean takes mission trips either, I mean is humble and of good-humor, gracious and long tempered.

Now, what ought the church to be doing?

Think about it for a while.

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Kitty Kartoons

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Monday, November 14, 2011



That's the new buzzword isn;t it. We want "authentic" leaders. "Authentic" churches. (I am reminded of all the charges of "hypocrisy" that were leveled at adults by my generation when we were the age of all those looking for "authenticity," but I digress) Ron Edmondson tries to describe what and "authentic" leader looks like:
Be honest…do the people you lead know the real you?
Ohhhh...Almost! See, the "real" you is ugly. Not just a little ugly, not just kinda, ugly - I mean grossly ugly, nasty, vile, hideous. If you think otherwise you are slipping into inauthentic land. I, for one, do not want the real you.

I want the humble, confessing you. And that is where it gets really hard.

See, when they ask for authenticity, they want someone as winsome as Christ - REALLY! Well, I have not met that person yet. I don't think any of us have hit that bar yet. So, "authentic" presents a problem. The "real" you can't be winsome, only be making the effort to be winsome and confessing, frequently failures in that department.

Problem, that's not going to be really popular or really attractive, it's just gonna be real.

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