Thursday, February 10, 2005


Christian MSM?

SmartChristian asks, "What is the Christian Mainstream Media?" He is concerned about accountability for those in that role and the role the Christian Blogosphere can play in creating that accountability, much as the poliblogs do for the MSM, 'ala Easongate.

The obvious first answer would be the teleevangelists. We have seen what I have dubbed as "a prophetic swarm" form around Joel Osteen. They are certainly easy targets.

But then there are the Christian publishers of both words and music, many of whom consider "Christian" just another sales demographic and allow all sorts of things, some heretical, some just vile, to get out there with the label "Christian" on them.

For those of us that are so affiliated, there may be the higher governments of our denominations. My own, the PCUSA, has a long and checkered history of doing remarkably stupid things. It seems like we are always involved in some battle to bring the denomination back form the brink of one disaster or another, but each time we come back, we are that much closer to the edge.

Fortunately, the Christian equivalent to the MSM is a far more diverse group than the political MSM. But that also makes it much harder for the Christian Blogosphere to hold it accountable. For one this, we are a pretty diverse bunch, and what one of us thinks is a big deal, someone else might not. That fact not withstanding -- I think this is a role the Christian blogosphere should seek to play.

Organizing is a good starting point. GodBlogCon is the starting point for that organization. Be there or be square.


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