Sunday, February 06, 2005


Eason Jordan -- The Latest

There are two big developments today on the Eason Jordan front. The first is that a new blog, Easongate, devoted entirely to this story has emerged. Bookmark it, read it, adsorb it. (HT: Instapundit, Powerline, Hugh Hewitt) This blog is from a bunch of military guys for whom this stuff would be really personal. I'm all for 'em. Go get him gentlemen.

The other big news is that Hugh Hewitt interviewed Rebecca McKinnon, the other blogger that was present at Jordan's abominable utterances, and she essentially confirms Abovitz's original telling of the story.

The American Digest has a rather pessimistic post on how all of this will come out. (HT: Instapundit) I find Digest's use of the term "unwritten blacklist" a little overly dramatic for what is essentially a staightforward argument. - Based on his very powerful and influential position, Eason Jordan is able to see to it that this story never sees the MSM light of day, either by directly squelching it at CNN or by besmirching the reputation of any MSM reporter that takes it on; thereby destroying that reporters chances for advancement.

I find this argument somewhat persuasive. It's certainly possible. But in the end this story is really a test of the blogosphere. Can the blogosphere push this story to the forefront on the MSM? The next week will likely tell. I have no doubt the blogosphere will be able to someday, but can it today?

One other thought. If Jordan truly believes his abominable utterances, then he believes that a rather heinous crime has been committed. Why has he not taken his concerns to the DoD, and if blocked there, why not to some international body? His assertion is so vile in its implications that I would think his morality would compel him to do something about it. That is, if he really believes what he said.


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