Monday, February 07, 2005


Eason Jordan -- Passing the Baton

It appears the blogosphere has done its job. The piling onto Eason Jordan has begun. David Gergen has been heard from, as has Senator Dodd. Hugh Hewitt said on his radio program today that this absolutely will break in the MSM in the next few days, even with the withdrawal of the offer of the video.

This story is now a lot bigger than your humble blogger can hope to participate in. My job has been to contribute to the general furor and thus provide energy to force the story to the surface. To keep track of the news, let me refer you to Hugh Hewitt, Easongate, Captain's Quarters, Michelle Malkin, and LaShawn Barber.

The bottom line remains, if he said anything remotely like what has been reported, and increasingly confirmed by attendees, he offered an massive insult to the US military. If he said exactly what was reported, he accused the US military of a heinous crime. If it is the first option, he better apologize, something like that just should not be in a man with his power and influence. If it's the later option, he better come forward with the evidence so we can prosecute the offenders ASAP -- otherwise, it's just slander, and then he really ought to lose his job.

Stay on top of this story and act to correct this hideous slap in the face of our brave men and women in uniform.


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