Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Hugh Hewitt is all kinds of fired up about Eason Jordan's comments concerning military targeting of journalists in Iraq.

First of all, because it is true and it has to be said, Jordan's comments are outrageous, offensive, unsubstaniated, ridiculous, slanderous, and highly objectionable. I think Donald Rumsfeld should issue a very public invitation to Mr. Jordan to a podium in the Pentagon from which he can offer his apology to the entire United States military.

Now as to where the MSM is on this -- I think we are to the point where the MSM's lack of coverage on these statements, while outrageous, is no longer surprising, and therefore not that attention grabbing.

Post-Rathergate, both bias and the clubby environs of the MSM are well known to any mildly discriminating consumer of news. Under such circumstances I wonder if this is worthy of outrage, as opposed just marginalization. Once you know a person to be a fool you no longer worry about their foolish statements, you just set them over in the fool's corner and ignore them. Eason Jordan was not so long ago proven a fool.


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