Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I Was Going to Leave Eason Jordan Alone...

No really, I was -- but then Howard Kurtz published an interview with the man in the Washington Post. (HT: Powerline, Easongate)

In that interview, Eason reasserts his position that he was simply trying to distinguish between "collateral" and and other kinds of unintended damage.
"I was trying to make a distinction between 'collateral damage' and people who got killed in other ways,"

Well, why didn't he just say so to begin with? As I posted yesterday, the military makes a distinction between "collateral" and "unintended" damage, but also admits that it is a distinction without a significant difference, except in the planning stages of a mission.

Mr. Jordan, if you were just trying to make this distinction, why don't you just apologize for the offensive manner in which you expressed yourself and we will move on.


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