Friday, February 04, 2005


Jordan Cornered

Hugh Hewitt continues to pound on Eason Jordan. Today Hugh takes advantage of his travel to DC to interview Rony Abovitz, the original blogger from Davos to post on Jordan's offensive and insulting comments about the US military.

Abovitz pretty well takes the wind out of Jordan's "out of context" sails.

Jordan has few options at this point. He can attack Abovitz as biased or a liar, or both. He can own his statments and apologize -- not likely. He can claim that it was not a public or journalistic forum and he is therefore entitled to mouth off, even without substaniation.

Look for some variation of the third option. Look for him to be eased out in the next year or two. I got a comment the other day that claimed Rather was not fired because of Rathergate -- garbage -- it was just disguised. Something like that is going to happen here too.

UPDATE: 4:35PM Same Date

Hewitt claims a video of the offending remarks is forthcoming.

I think it is a crying shame that this whole thing seems to be hanging on definitive "proof." There is proof Jordan has said similar things in the past. Jordan admits to saying something like this ("out of context"). Regardless of precisely what he said, aspersions have been cast the way of the military. Positive proof may mean the difference between Jordan losing his job or not, but I don't think it should stand in the way of him being denounced. Even if all he did was say "target" when he meant to say "mistakenly identified as a target," he shows less control over his utterance than should be expected from someone in his position.

MSM should at least be acknowledging this guy as a fool, even if there is insufficeint proof to call for his head.


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