Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Only Joseph Biden

Over the weekend, WorldNetDaily reported on a piece from the Boston Globe in which Joe Biden stated that we need to pay attention to Iran's "emotional needs" in an effort to stem their rush to nuclear capability.

This is a man who has had one to many trips to the counselors office. Precisely what are we supposed to do -- mobilize regiments of psychologists to invade Iran? Maybe we are all supposed to get on an airplane, go over there and give the mullahs a big hug? Better yet -- a new program of Prozac aid.

Enough with the sarcasm. Biden's contention is that they feel they need nuclear weapons because they are afraid of being bullied. So he feels the answer is that we are supposed to stop being bullies. Since when are we bullies?

Look I am all for anybody striking back when they have been bullied, but on the playgrounds I grew up on, if you went over with a bat and hit a guy just because he was bigger than you and your were afraid he was going to bully you, you were more or less asking for a beating.

Sorry Joe, this may make my top ten list of idiot remarks.


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