Friday, February 11, 2005



A Reasonable Global Warming Story

I like this global warming story form MSNBC. It does not resort to the usual sky0is-falling-change-everything-now stuff that ones usually sees when reporting on the planets temperature.

Let's be real...

First Story
Check out this quote from this piece on EPA's agreeing to review some standards.
"If EPA's standards do not reflect the maximum achievable reduction in emissions..."

So, even if the standards are safe, we're still supposed to go to all the time trouble and expense to reduce them?

Second Story
This story discusses seventeen new materials that the EPA has listed as carcinogens. Among those materials listed are NEUTRONS!
The general population is exposed to neutrons primarily from cosmic radiation that penetrates the earth's atmosphere.

So let me get this straight...outer space is a carcinogen? Wasn;t this where the Fantastic Four came from?

You Have to Love The Irony...

It is now illegal to ideal a diesel bus or truck within 100 feet of a school, and for more than 10 minutes. Has anybody bothered to calculate the extra fuel consumption this will result in. (It takes a lot more to start a diesel than it does to run it.) Has anybody bothered to figure out how much more emissions will result from inefficiently operating cool engines rather than idling warm engines?


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