Tuesday, February 15, 2005


So I AM a charismatic

Adrian Warnock responded to my piece yesterday searching for a different term to describe those like myself that are not cessationists, but are not a part what the common vernacular calls "The Charismatic Movement."

Adrian points out that as a theological term, a charismatic is "someone who believes the biblical charismata are available today as opposed to having ceased like a cessationist." He then goes on to state that he is happy to wear that label. By that definition so am I.

But sometimes we have to concede more common, if less precise, and less useful definitions of words to in a public discussion. If I am in a discussion with someone that is already a charismatic, I will happily use the term as Adrian defines it.

However, among those of the reformed persuasion, which is where I spend most of my time, that word is used as a perjorative. If I were to claim it, I would automatically be dismissed as a lunatic. Thus my search for a different term.

I think this raises an interesting question about Godblogging. Those of us that have a certain level of knowledge can talk in a sort of shorthand. But this is a VERY PUBLIC discussion forum. I wonder how many are put off by that shorthand, that might otherwise join the conversation? And once again we come back to the 'simple gospel.' Hmmmmm....


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