Thursday, February 10, 2005


Song of Songs Continued

A Little Bit About Everything did a follow-up piece to the questions surrounding the Superbowl ad and the fact that GoDaddy's founder used to market QuickVerse Bible software. They interviewed the developer of QuickVerse.

First of all, I think it was good work on the part of A Little About Everything to do this follow-up interview and get at the facts.

As I thought from the original WorldNetDaily piece, there is no connection between GoDaddy and Quickverse other than people who knew each other and did business together some years ago.

The QuickVerse developer felt, as I do, that the commercial was more parody than T&A.
Rairdin doesn't believe the commercial is racy, gratuitous, or anything other than great parody. "People have a hard time comprehending parody," Rairdin says "It's too sophisticated. They focus on the means and not on the end. They can't get past the real objects that are standing in for the parodied objects."

The problem I find in this whole thing is this:
Rairdin approached Parsons "strictly [on] a business venture -- marketing Bible software to his church customers." Faith, at this point, wasn't a motivation -- getting the Bible software into the hands of potential consumers through a strategic marketing partner, was the preeminent goal."

Can we really afford to think of things so vital to our Christian selves with any business goal being more preeminent? As a business owner myself, I struggle with this question everyday. In the end, my business is not as successful as it could be if I had different priorities, but I have more than enough. In the end that is what matters God has provided.


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