Tuesday, February 08, 2005


They Do Love their Protests

This piece from Bangor, Maine really raises my hackles. (HT: BOTWT) Basically a bunch of peace protestors marched against an art exhibition of paintings of combat in Iraq and Afhanistan, painted by a military man because it glorified war.
About a half-dozen artists carried signs and stood vigil outside the Farnsworth as the show "Fire and Ice: Marine Corps Combat Art from Afghanistan and Iraq" was previewed for museum members. Fay's paintings show soldiers carrying out their daily duties while serving on hostile ground.

I am way past worrying about the whole one way free speech thing on this one. I am just sick, sick and tired of people attacking our men and women in service. The lack of graditude, and the misunderstanding of what it is that enables such protestors to mount their almighty protests absolutely amazes me.

I was in the Soviet Union in 1991, a few months before it fell, and during the failed coop attempt against Gorbachov. I was in the People's Republic of China in 1989, just months after Tianamen Square. Sometime I would like to take all these protestors and send them to those places at those times and see how they feel about the US military after they try their protests.

I understand to some extent when kids do this sort of thing, but the article quotes a 73-year-old woman! Where does that come from? It is a testament to the wealth and freedom this country provides that a woman could make it to that age that utterly stupid. I'll use that fact to try and settle myself down.


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