Monday, February 07, 2005


This Will Make Your Head Swim

From Evangelical Outpost and Wittenberg Gate, we learned over the weekend that an Chicago court ruling grants parents the right to sue a fertility clinic for WRONGFUL DEATH concerning the loss of a frozen embryo.

The Wittenberg Gate post is particularly thorough at examining how the apparent sanctity of abortion rights creates many unfair judgments for other matter such as still birth, miscarriage, and so on. As Dory puts it:

This case is yet another of many that illustrate the tension that exists
between abortion supporters who wish to suppress recognition of the rights of
the unborn, and the parents of the unborn who want their children to have legal
protection and recognition.

I posted on the immature, but seemingly effective in this day-and-age. "Because I want to, that's why" argument over the weekend.

Bottom line, to preserve the irresponsible's "right" to escape the consequences of their actions, the responsible and the pained are to be punished. So many situations make it impossible to relieve everyone's suffering. This is a sad illustration of that fact.

I, for one, would rather preserve the "rights" of those that try to be productive members of society, than those that merely wish to escape a bad decision.


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