Sunday, February 06, 2005


Those Amazing Soviets

Do you remember the Monty Python Sketch about the funniest joke ever written? The premise was that a guy actually wrote a joke that was so funny, it would cause you to laugh yourself to death. It then goes on to describe how the Brits used it in WWII to kill Germans, and the precautions they took to make sure no Allies were killed by the deadly joke.

Seems the Soviets similarly liked to use things they came across serendipitously as weapons in the Great Patriotic War. Unfortunately, they forgot the precautions against infecting the themselves. Equally unfortunately, they weren't silly.

The Soviets were notorious for their pursuit of a technical goal regardless of the consequences.

The next time you hear someone mouthing off about how the consumer economy of the United States is going to spell the utter destruction of the earth, take a moment to think about what real pollution is.


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