Thursday, February 10, 2005


Whose Intolerant!?

Next time your friendly neighborhood liberal tells you you are intolerant because you think homosexuality is a sin, or abortion is bad, pull out this story for them.
Steele altered his schedule and agreed to be interviewed and later that same day a pair of FBI agents arrived at the church...."One of the agents opened a file and told me that the FBI wanted to question me about a sermon that I preached on Memorial Day nearly six months before," Steele said....Steele theorizes somebody in attendance that day apparently misunderstood his comments ....

Misunderstood his comments!? Please! Rev. Steele cites what he believes were the controversial statements in his sermons:
"I shared the number of people who have died in wars versus the number who had died through legal abortion since 1973. There have been 1 million die in all the wars and more than 43 million abortions - that's quite a gripping contrast," Steele said. "I also tied it together by stating that we are in a different type of war that is being fought under the presupposition of freedom."

"I talked during that particular sermon about a pastor in Canada that was arrested for speaking about homosexuality in his church," Steele said. "I related how that pastor told his congregation that if speaking the truth means going to jail, ‘then by golly, that's where I'm going to be and I'm going to save you a seat next to me.'"

Will somebody please tell me what is vaguely threatening or violence inciting about these comments.

Let me get this straight. Alec Baldwin can call for the stoning of Henry Hyde on national television and it's considered entertainment. But a minister in southern, near rural, (I've been to Mount Vernon, IL "near rural" is the best I can do) Illinois, he deserves a visit from the FBI? And we're the intolerant ones?

Next time I hear a liberal how intolerant I am, maybe I'll call the FBI.


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