Friday, March 25, 2005


Maybe This Helps Explain Why Terri Schiavo Is Dying

The Princeton Review is trying to sell a book rating the 357 best colleges at this page. To give you an idea how the decide and rate, they post this table:

Diversity University:

Lots of Race/Class Interaction
Diverse Student Population
Students Ignore God on a Regular Basis
Gay Community Accepted

Monochromatic Institute:

Little Race/Class Interaction
Homogeneous Student Population
Students Pray on a Regular Basis
Alternative Lifestyles Not An Alternative
If I understand this correctly, mere theism is somehow not diverse. Despite the fact that the vast majority of people in the entire world believe in a god of one sort or another, and thus that group by definition is hugely diverse, that belief makes then not diverse.

This is, simply, religious bigotry. And it makes me increasingly angry. During the past week, virtually anyone that defended Terri Schiavo's life has been dismissed as a "religious conservative." Apparently "religious" has come to mean "close-minded" and therefore not diverse. How did we get here?

The Renaissance flowed out of the Reformation. Religion is the well from which modern thought has flowed, and now that thought chooses to reject religion -- oh wait, I forgot, now it's "post-modern" thought. And the "emerging church" movement wished to ally itself with this?

OK, I am ranting, I need to settle down. It has been a long blogging week.

We have got to win these people's souls and confidence, while at the same time holding fast to our principles, which they seek to destroy with this kind of rhetoric. But how?

By letting God's light shine through us, that's how. To change the world, we must devote ourselves to God. Read the Word, pray and meditate. Become so saturated with God that His glory shines from you. That glory will attract them.


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