Monday, March 21, 2005


Radio Report -- Hearing Over

KRLA 870 AM in Los Angeles has just reported that the federal hearing on Terri Schiavo has concluded. Apparently the judge issued no verbals orders or opinions. ARRRRGH!

Continue to Pray!


Here's the first printed story I've seen on it.
US District Judge James Whittemore held a hearing of about two hours today in Tampa. He said late this afternoon that he will not be making an immediate ruling on the request for an emergency injunction to keep Bob and Mary Schindler's daughter fed.
I am beginning to wonder about buck passing here.

What is so hard? She could die before he rules! Shouldn't we keep her alive until he rules?

I am growing increasingly incensed at judges that place the law in front of morality. They think it is immoral to forbid homosexual marriage so they tell us we have to allow it, but could they preserve a life while the decide what is legal? NO! I am sorry, something is really, really sick here.


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