Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Scripture For Terri Schiavo

Despite enormous theological differences with my Roman Catholic brethren, pronouncements like this one make me think seriously about joining that church.

In a front-page editorial, the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano criticized a U.S. federal judge's refusal to order the reinsertion of Schiavo's feeding tube.

"She has no possibility of being 'restored' to a 'normal' life. Therefore Terri Schiavo must die," the editorial began. "This is ... the absurd and terrifying reason" for the judge's decision, it added.
In looking for ways to express my anquish to the Lord, I ran across this Psalm. Thought I'd share.

Psalm 25:1-6

  1. To Thee, O LORD, I lift up my soul.
  2. O my God, in Thee I trust, do not let me be ashamed; do not let my enemies exult over me.
  3. Indeed, none of those who wait for Thee will be ashamed; those who deal treacherously without cause will be ashamed.
  4. Make me know Thy ways, O LORD; teach me Thy paths.
  5. Lead me in Thy truth and teach me, for Thou art the God of my salvation; for Thee I wait all the day.
  6. Remember, O LORD, Thy compassion and Thy lovingkindnesss, for they have been from of old.


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