Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Some Good Links About Terri Schiavo

Laura Ingraham is usually a little too caustic for my tastes, even though she is really funny, but she is absolutely knocking them out of the park this morning. She is ranting at great length about the poor lawyering that has been done on Terri's part. I mentioned that possibility yesterday. Hugh Hewitt admitted that the lawyering was bad on the air yesterday but said that in light of the way Congress drafted the statute, the impetus is on the court to help the lawyers get it right. Pray for the lawyers -- The Supremes are the big leagues, and this is no time for bad lawyering.

Speaking of Hugh Hewitt, he is at this point quite pessimistic because within the rule of the court, this will end up first on Justice Kennedy's desk. I do however love the contempt in which Hugh holds last night's ruling
Judicial contempt for the coordinate branches on this scale is simply staggering. Anyone defending this morning's majority or yesterday's ruling has to defend this disregard of Congressional action. Had either court ruled that the law was unconstitutional, that would have at least clothed the Pontius Pilate approach with some legal cover. But reciting irrelevant standards for granting injunctive relief in advance of trial in a case where Congress intended the injunction to issue is simple sophistry.
This post from Wittenberg Gate puts a radiologist's spin on some of Terri's medical records. Makes you wonder what the courts are saying.

Michelle Malkin has a Townhall piece that slams the MSM coverage of this issue pretty hard. I have to say it's been an interesting ride on the tube. I have been blogging about this for weeks and the information is so readily available, it is amazing to see the ignorance that has flowed from MSM, and their amazing "discoveries" of information that many bloggers have known about for many weeks.

Mark Steyn has a piece on the greater issue of the culture of death. Well worth the read.

Yesterday's hero in reviewing the District Court ruling, Andrew McCarthy, has another great piece today on the Appellate Court ruling.

I posted yesterday (Final Thought) about the parallels of our situation with the law and those Israel found itself in at the time Jesus came. I return to those thoughts again.

Then this additional thought. Look at the pull quote from Hugh above. Then look at this one from the McCarthy piece.
Although they recoil at the very notion, it is a fact of constitutional life that judges are essentially supposed to take their marching orders from congress — which both prescribes laws and defines the jurisdiction of federal courts.
We simply must get the judiciary of this nation under control, we must. If we have to impeach judges, we must. If we have to change the filibuster rule in the Senate, we must. If we have to amend the Constitution, we must.

Today, most of all we must PRAY.


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