Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Supreme Court -- Here Comes Terri Schiavo -- SAVE HER!

Unsurprisingly, the 11th Circuit refused to hear Terri's appeal en banc. It is unlikely the Supreme Court will agree to hear this case, but we can still pray. In the meantime the Florida State Senate can still act. Here are some phone numbers to lobby. There are also options being tried by the executive branch of the Florida government.


This John O'Sullivan piece from the Chicago Sun-Times makes the inevitable Nazi analogy. He is thankful; however, that while there are certainly undertones of the utilitarian agruments of the Nazi's in this case, they are not being openly advocated in the current public debate. That is worthy of thankfulness, butthe undertones are still very, very troubling.

Jonah Goldberg writes a piece for USA Today that is worth the read. Check this
The Republicans had a serious advantage in this debate: They had a real argument about the specific merits of this particular case and why it should be an exception to the rule. Meanwhile, liberals were nearly silent on why Terri should die, opting instead for cheap ad hominem.

Kathleen Parker has a Townhall piece on Michael's legitimacy as Terri's husband. She opines
But the fact that Schiavo's fate has rested in the hands of a man who is her husband in title only is both mystifying and maddening. If we resolve nothing else, some of our energy will be well spent examining the criteria used to determine who is best qualified to protect a disabled person's interests.
Darn right -- There are a number of things we as a nation have to deal with in the wake of this event.

Speaking of lessons, in the face of the horrific judicial performance that the nation is watching so raptly, this story is heinous. (HT: Radioblogger)

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist does not have firm support among his caucus to employ the so-called "nuclear option" for dislodging the Democratic filibusters against President Bush's judicial nominees.
The events of the last few days make evident more starkly than anything I have seen recently the very necessity of exercising the 'nuclear' option. Remind your Senator that if they think they have been in a storm this week, they ain't seen nothing yet if they do not get some judges on the bench that will make reasonable decisions.

It strikes me as absolutely amazing that in the 1960's the Charleton Heston sci-fi classic "Soylent Green" treated self-assisted suicide as a horror, but 2004's "Million Dollar Baby" thrust greatness upon it.

At a time when freedom is breaking out throughout the world, I remain hopeful. I believe this is the death throes of the pinned down evil -- even if those throes take Terri with them.


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