Thursday, March 24, 2005


Terri Schiavo Gets No Surprise

The Supremes have refused to hear Terri's case. I'd like to say a lot more, but prudence requires that I say only "Curses, foiled again!" This is no surprise, but it is really sad.

Jeb Bush is still trying to move Judge Greer, but come on! Best as I can tell, if Terri is going to live, civil disobedience is the only remaining option. But then things like this happen. Children have been taken away in handcuffs for trying to give a dehydrated woman water. This is a truly chilling development in this nation.

I want to give this link to new blogger Margret O'Hearn. She has been a commenter here for a little while now and has apparently decidied to get in the game. She loves life and Terri.

Jollyblogger reminds us that Michael Schiavo is a soul that God wants to redeem. (HT: Adrian Warnock) I pray for Michael, and I am very glad God is his final judge. I do hope for his salvation.

However, I would remind David that lots of good Christians in Germany prayed for Hitler's salvation while he instituted euthanisa programs and the "final solution." I do not condemn Michael Schiavo in the final sense, only God can do that, but I will fight him with every resource I have available.

Peggy Noonan this morning asks the question that most seem to be asking the last couple of days -- From where the vehemence to see this woman dead? She, as so many before blames it on some sick love of death. Perhaps. but I am forced to opine a more sinister motive.

Proverbs Daily titles a post Terri Schiavo a Pawn in Judiciary's Power Play. I think you will find your answer for the vehemence therein. Hugh Hewitt writes about the Runaway Judiciary in the Weekly Standard.

As is the way with most issues like this, they have quit being about the issue and started being about institutional power. We have this week witnessed the most stark power struggle between branches of our government and national and state governments since the late 50's and early 60's and perhaps since the Civil War. As these great powers battle, a woman dies.

I am now praying for miracles and preparing to mourn Terri. Then I will send her family a letter in solace.

But then it will be time for a fight. The left has lost its legislative power, but its judicial power remains. That judicial power is, like a coyote caught in a trap, flailing. I think that judicial power will chew it's own leg off to escape -- we may have witnessed it this week. Now is the time to strike.

But that is for later. Today we pray, we implore God for His miracles and His peace.


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