Saturday, March 26, 2005


We Are Winning, May Have Won, The War

First Ever Afghani blogger, Afghan Warrior, reports on thee general state of affairs in that country. Sounds awful good to me. I think we won that one.

The Financial Times reports on the beginning of the bitter end in Iraq.

The article really is an apology for the insurgents behavior, and as such is somewhat despicable, but you can be fairly confident that this is the first move towards trying to achieve some sort of settlement. Of course, the insurgents really have nothing to bargain with, but when you hear things like this they really are looking for a way out.

The problem with dictatorial regimes like Iran is that the citizens just don't like it.

Using the soccer match as "cover" for anti-government protests really is brilliant.

Simply because their democracy is being threatened, people in Taiwan have taken to the streets.

Freedom is powerful stuff and really is breaking out all over.

And just in case you are the kind that might forget why we started all this war stuff to begin with -- check out this post from the Sheep's Crib. That's what I call a reminder!


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