Saturday, March 26, 2005


Who's A Boor?

Bob Knight lost his job at Indiana University largely because he was categorized as a "boor."

I was a season ticket holder in 1983 when IU won the Big Ten Championship. That year, Knight hung a banner, the only banner in Assembly Hall for a championship on less than a national level. He hung it because he said the crowd won the championship.

In other years, when IU crowds actually were boorish, he chastised them, loudly, as only he can.

The man really does know the value of a crowd to an athletic team, and he really does know where the limits of behavior are. This much I know. No crowd, rooting for a Knight coached team would do this.
Morgantown Fire Department Chief Dave Fetty reports his department doused more than 50-fires during the wake of the Mountaineer's 65-60 victory over Texas Tech Thursday night.
Now you tell me -- Knight was fired for reminding, in typical Knight fashion, the necessity of politeness. What's going to happen to the WVU coach?


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