Friday, April 15, 2005


Filibuster Busting around the Alliance

Emotions after watching Terri Schiavo die run very, very high. This is as true among the SoCal Bloggers Alliance as it is anywhere else. Busting the Democratic filibuster of judicial nominees is our first solid opportunity to respond to that miscarriage of justice along with many others.

Each alliance member has agreed to "round-up" each other's posts on a daily basis in our best blogging efforts to assist with this fight. Please read them all, support these blogs and most importantly, do the activist actions called for and help us bust the filibuster. For today,

Sheep's Crib:
Unless I see a rationale reason to change my mind, I will not ... as of this moment ... give another nickel of my kids' money or a minute of my time to a republican cause until the judicial nominations of George W. Bush get an up or down vote on the floor of the senate.
Holy Coast:
I'm getting tired of seeing the GOP act like a minority party. We even have McCain saying that he doesn't want to vote for the option because someday the GOP will be a minority again. Wow, what positive thinking! Senator McCain - you can kiss any presidential hopes goodbye buddy, because the conservatives like me will absolutely run away from you. I don't care if you go up against Queen Hillary herself in the '08 election...I'll write my own name in before I vote for you.
The Hedgehog Blog:
To me and many other, this is the essence of the issue: Judicial nominations -- primarily to the U.S. Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Court-- were, in my view, second in importance only to the war on islamofascism in the minds of GOP "base" voters. I say that as one who donated to John Thune's campaign solely because I agreed with Hugh Hewitt: We had to (a) remove Daschle in order to open the path for President Bush's nominees to get floor votes, where they would win, and (b) send a message to Democrats that there would be a heavy price to pay for Daschle-type tactics....

...But now, look what's happened. The unimpressive Harry Reid is proving just as effective as Daschle in stymieing the process. And it appears the GOP senators now have the issue on top of them, instead of being on top of the issue.
Okie On The Lam:
If you are a political Conservative you have been suffering from an adrenaline rush since yesterday, when John McCain went on Chris Matthews? Hardball program and announced that he would not support his party?s effort to change the Senate cloture rule to allow a simple majority vote to stop the filibustering of up-or-down votes on judicial nominees.
Then , of course, you can read what little 'ol me has had to say by scrilling down.

Call a Senator today and raise a little ruckus!


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