Monday, April 25, 2005


Filibuster Philandering...Sunday Goodies

This post will cover all the news that I found fit to print on the issue on Sunday. I expect after the Justice Sunday event, the Monday papers will be full of invictive. We'll try and cover that with a post later in the day.

Why "philandering?" Simple -- it's alliterative and the Republicans that continue on the fence have, as time has gone on, moved from wobbly, to weebles to just flat out cheating on the party. As the vote gets closer, they should be committing to our side.

Mitch McConnell is the "majority whip" in the Senate. That means it's his job to count votes. He says we have the votes. (HT: Hugh Hewitt)

However, if you read the press....

The LA Times, here reprinted in the Indianapolis Star which I carried as a kid, claims that the issue will split the Republican party. The Minneapolis Strib once more drags out the tired old Abe Fortas story in support of the Dems. The San Diego Union Tribune worries about the traditional agenda groups based on the filibuster vote. If you only read this far, you will be forced to conclude that the sky will actualyl fall if the judicial filibuster is defeated.

Thankfully there is some reason in the world. Mark Steyn looks at the Bolton nomination, which is being handled by breathless Dems in much the same manner as the filibuster - with tactics of fear and loathing, and ends up comparing Voinivich to a monkey. The Christian Science Monitor looks at some of the laws, rules and facts -- always a good plan in a situation like this. David Broder suggests that the Dems should back off the filibuster in exchange for an agreement from the President for no more recess appointments. That is the first "compromise deal" I have heard floated that made any sense at all. In a pre-Justice Sunday appearance, Charles Pickering has called the filibuster over nominess "unconstitutional."

Speaking of Justice Sunday...The Dems are thrashing around like a smallmouth on a hook. Salazar (D-CO) is all over James Dobson like white-on-rice. The Dems started this fight by opposing judges based on "deeply held beliefs." Time to reap the whirlwind people. Newsday points to "protests" that turn out to be the NCC (National Churches of Communism) comments from earlier this week - some protest.

Try an experiment. Do a Technorati search on "filibuster" -- now do the same on "Justice Sunday." The filibuster search will turn up some pro- and con- blogs, but the "Justice Sunday" search will be all left-wingers ranting as if the apocalypse were upon us. The leader in the Justice Sunday as anti-christ crowd would be Frank Rich.
But that has not stopped some ingenious American hucksters from trying...

It may not boast a plume of smoke emerging from above the Sistine Chapel, but it will feature its share of smoke and mirrors as well as traditions that, while not dating back a couple of millenniums, do at least recall the 1920's immortalized in "Elmer Gantry."...

The fraudulence of "Justice Sunday" begins but does not end with its sham claims to solidarity with the civil rights movement of that era. "The filibuster was once abused to protect racial bias," says the flier for tonight's show, "and now it is being used against people of faith."...

As Bill Maher summed it up for Jay Leno on the "Tonight" show last week: " 'Activist judges' is a code word for gay." The judges being verbally tarred and feathered are those who have decriminalized gay sex (in a Supreme Court decision written by Justice Kennedy) as they once did abortion and who countenance marriage rights for same-sex couples. This is the animus that dares not speak its name tonight.
He goes on and on with this kind of vile invective. The bottom line is this. The Dems have had Christians on a leash for years. Churches worried about losing parishoners have either remained silent or gone liberal. That was OK when the left either really was in the right (civil rights) or in matters about which God and scripture did not really speak. Roe v Wade was a wrong move on the left's part, but the Christians patient, knowing they could undo what had been done by playing within the rules and working hard.

The left has now pushed too much on its advantage. Playing within the rules, but in an entirely ungentlemanly manner with the filibuster and pushing the very gay agenda of which Maher and Rich spoke. Christians simply can no longer stand idly by while these things happen.

Here is Hewitt's list of philanderers and potential philanderers:
Take time this Sunday while watching the NFL draft or pursuing whatever relaxation you chose, to call the Congressional switchboard at 202-225-3121 and leave messages for GOP Senators Chaffee of Rhode Island, Collins of Maine, DeWine of Ohio, Hagel of Nebraska, Snowe of Maine, Sununu of New Hampshire, Voinovich of Ohio and Warner of Virginia to urge them to vote to end the filibuster. Please also leave a message with Senator Frist to schedule the vote before the May recess.
Get on the horn and light them up. I for one will not stand for this religious bashing, morals bending garbage any more.


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