Friday, April 15, 2005


Preserving The Filibuster Will Let Us Watch Terri Schiavo Die All Over Again

In case you are unaware, Senate Democrats are using a filibuster to prevent votes on judicial nominees put forward by President Bush. Current rules of the Senate allow for unlimited debate, save by consent of 60% of the Senate. Thus, a minority can hold up something from happening, indefinitely, as long as the minority is greater than 40%.

This procedure was most notoriously used, at least until now, by southern Democrats in the period between WWII and the late 50's to prevent any, I repeat any, civil rights legislation from passing.

But now liberal Democrats are using it to block the confirmation of judges that pose a threat to the liberal agenda currently in place, not based on legislation, but based upon judicial fiat - precisely the kind of judicial fiat that can disregard the express wishes of the Congress and order the death an innocent and severely disabled woman.

You don't think this important? Think for just a minute about the a few of the things that have been foisted on us by judicial fiat:

If I wanted to be exhaustive, I'd run out of electrons. Jonathon Adler is so wrong on this.

Without completely tossing out the Constitution, the only way we can restore some order to the judiciary, is to get some judges on the bench that have more reasonable views, precisely the kinds of judges that the Democrats are using the filibuster to block. Filibuster has never been used for judicial nomination before, despite what some people may try to tell you. When Republicans took control of the Senate in the middle of the President's last term. Most of us thought "at last!" But along came the never before seen filibuster.

So in the last election, the Republicans get what is normally a huge majority, and here we are again. Yes, to get these judges in will require changing the rules of the Senate, but so what, they are rules -- this is NOT a constitutional issue. They can be changed back as easily as they can be changed now.

Now, Republican Senators are getting weak in the knees -- most notably John "Republican-no-more" McCain, who has stated he will vote against changing the rules. Radioblogger shows some other weakness.

Hugh Hewitt is beating this drum at a ferocious pace. Here is his post yesterday morning, and here yesterday afternoon. He even wrote on it in the Weekly Standard. Then he kept going well into the evening, first here, then here.

Some other good reading comes from Powerblog and Redstate.

Finally, here is another organization for info and to support.

So what do we do? Same thing we did to try and save Terri, we call every Senator whose voice mail we can get into and we tell them, "Bring the nominees to the floor, change the rules, break the filibuster, VOTE" Please, make some calls tonight. Rumor has it all the voice mails are full, keep calling until you find one that isn't. I do not wish to see an episode like Terri's death happen again. Latest news is the showdown will happen sooner rather than later. Time is of the essence.


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