Saturday, May 21, 2005


Media Hatred

It seems to be emerging this week that the MSM just hates the military. They have come to view their independent role as an oppostional role. As proof, I offer that they are trying to generate a "news swarm" their lame version of a "blog swarm" as a a counter offensive to this week's Newsweek debacle.

Hugh Hewitt devoted his Friday show to the topic with details to be found at Radioblogger. Look around Radioblogger as he is liable to be adding info all weekend.

At teh very center of this storm is this article from the NYTimes. It is a recount of criminal action on the part of soldiers in Afghanistan. Criminal actions that military justice has well in hand. Obviously the NYTimes is trying to show build a case for the "false but accurate" defense by showing that the military really is bad.

It is ashame that we have to defend the military in circumstances like this. Lest you wonder that this has real affect on our men in women in uniform, please read this post by Dadmanly.
As a member of the U.S. Military in Iraq, let me say something very clearly to Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, CBS, ABC, and any other media organization of any integrity.

You are creating greater risk for me personally. You are creating incredible hostility in Muslim countries due to incessant negative reporting out of context and ignoring orders of magnitude of good news in doing so. Yet, in your jaded imaginations, you believe every misconception you spin is ever more confirmation of what you always knew about the U.S. Military. These unrelenting Vietnam analogies are like press versions of drug addled flashbacks.

You create added danger for my soldiers. You feed into enemy (yes, enemy) propaganda efforts in yielding unlimited access to pre-staged voices with calculated intent. You are entirely ignorant of the countries you claim to cover, and you know as little about the U.S. Military, its culture, climate, training, procedures, and ways of operation. You diminish and demean our service.
There it is, from the horse's mouth. Believe it, and quit buying, watching, listening, or reading from these people. Our men and women in uniform deserve no less.


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