Wednesday, May 18, 2005



The trailer for the upcoming Narnia movie is now available. I watched it and cried like a baby -- much as the recent LOTR trilogy seemed to hit the right resonant cord with my personal visualzations of the books, this trailer does the same thing.

Speaking of crying, there was a wonderful cartoon of "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" in 1979. I saw it in TV, watched it with my girlfriend in the social room of her sorority house. I cried when Aslan resurrected. Not the coolest thing for a college guy surrounded by good looking women, but I lived to tell the tale. I started thinking about that when the tears came while I was watching the trailer, and it gave me a thought.

In my opinion, Aslan is the best literary metaphor for Christ ever. The reason is the fantastic ways in which Lewis described the great lion. I think of all the times Lewis juxtaposed the love and fear of the lion. "Beautiful, but terrifying," is the phrase that comes to mind. As I think about it, it is impossible to depict that sort of thing. I cried when I watched the cartoon not because I thought the Lord had risen, which I did when I read the book, but because I shared the joy of the kids at his appearance.

Aslan figures prominently in the trailer, which is good. However, I am preparing myself for the fact that I will not think him holy as I do when I read the books, because I am not sure you can depict holiness. I did not think the Christ in "The Passion" was holy either. I am trying to develop a mindset that allows me to enjoy the movie in the same way I enjoyed LOTR -- a great depiction of a story I love. The trailer sure does excite me.


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