Thursday, August 25, 2005


Fighting Vietnam Syndrome

Dadmanly examines the tendency for people to draw the completely invalid Iraq=Vietnam equation. In the list of remedies he says this
This starts with the President. He needs to keep stating the vision and objectives of our War against terror. More speeches like his Second Inaugural, reminding us of the stakes.
I could not agree more. While in London, we visited the War Cabinet Rooms and Churchill Museum. There is one room therein where you can sit and simply listen to the unparalleled speeches of the Churchill. I bought a CD of same, they are inspiring.

I found myself reflecting on how the strength of his rhetoric held that beleagered island nation together and moved it forward against nearly insurmountable odds. Churchill was arguably the best public speaker of that last century. President Bush is not in his league, but that does not mean his rhetoric is not of vital importance. Some of the speeches he has given are among the most memorable of my lifetime.

I think he hoped to keep this war more or less below the public radar. Our ecomony is such that we can wage massive military action without requiring the energies of the entire nation, as was needed in WWII -- but public will is still what drives our government and it must be harnassed.


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