Saturday, August 27, 2005


There's A New Button On My Sidebar...

...just look over there, you'll see it. It's the logo for the US Military's Central Command. That's the command over our forces both in Iraq and Afghanistan, making it pretty much the most active and important command in the US Military these days.

They wrote Mustang23 at Assumption of Command and asked him to get the word out on their web site and the resources it offers. Dadmanly picked it up from there. The button I have put in the sidebar links to that site for ready and rapid access, I'll share the html coade with anybody that asks if you agree to put it in your blogroll.

The command's web site gives stories about what is really going on over there, not just the body count we get from the legacy media. Like Michael Yon's great account of a couple of days ago (congrats to Hugh Hewitt for nailing that Yon interview yesterday on the radio -- look for the transcript of Radioblogger) this is the place to go to find out the real skinny.

Here's my favorite story from my first look
Karishma tried to be like any other eight year old, running and playing with boundless energy, but for her, there was an end to the energy.

She could never have had a normal, long life because of heart problems ? until a year ago.

Two U.S. Special Forces medical personnel, a medical sergeant and doctor, crossed paths with Karishma in September 2004 ultimately leading up to a successful lifesaving closed-heart surgery performed Aug. 14 by Dr. (Maj.) Michael Myers, a cardiothoracic surgeon stationed at the Bagram Airfield hospital.
So, Ms. Sheehan, our military are "terrorists," eh? When did Al Queda do something like this?

Please, make the Centcom site a regular visit -- I know I will.


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