Thursday, September 01, 2005


Blogging For Katrina Relief

Instapundit and Hugh Hewitt put their heads together, got N.Z. Bear involved, and a huge blog effort to provide relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina was born. Thursday September 1 has been designated as Hurricane Katrina: Blog For Relief Day.

Here's what is happening. If you are a blog, put up a post and list your favorite charity, and tell us all a little about why you supportt hat charity in this effort. Then you can go here at The Truth Laid Bear and join the party.

Blogotional is backing Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and Soldier's Angels Operation Katrina Soldiers Relief Fund. As the former Chairman of my Church's Missions Committee I have worked with PDA on many occassions. They are committed to getting the dollars into the field. Mrs. Blogotional and I have been with Soldier's Angels almost since it's inception at the outbreak of post-9/11 hostilities. We have found them to be a great organization and the men and women that have defended us abroad deserve special treatment in this mess when they come home.

The SoCal Bloggers Alliance is taking things a step farther. We have compiled a list of the charities we are supporting, as well as those being mentioned by Hugh Hewitt and Glenn Reynolds and putting them into an automated blogroll -- you'll see it in the sidebar of this blog.

We are going to make the code so you can add this "Relief Roll" available to you right here:

All you need to do is cut and paste that code to your blog! Please do so.

Thanks to Cadmusings for this list of sites that can try and help you find loved ones in the region

I love Hugh Hewitt's idea

Longer term, I hope my own congregation finds a partner church with the idea of staying the rebuilding course with that church, offering much more personal care over the long haul, and that Catholic parishes from far off states do the same for Catholic parishes throughout the region, West LA synagogues for synagogues in the Gulf region hit by the storm, etc etc.
But we are in the short term right now -- we need to give to these charities right now. Please find one and give!

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