Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Learning About My Father

My father is a truly amazing man. His mother died when he was 12, and his father was awfully busy trying to feed him and his brothers, so he very much had to raise himself after that. He is the only one of four, five if you count the one that died as an infant, brothers to get past the 8th grade. He grew up to be a CPA and an attorney, serving as an executive in the Fortune 500 realm.

His ticket out of the very small town in Minnesota where he grew up was the US Army, and the GI Bill that came after and paid for his education. Among his other accomplishments was the completion of undergraduate AND law school in 5.5 years!

Dad readily credits the Army with his adult success, and after reading this post from Dadmanly on Supply Sargeants, I think I see where so much of my dad came from. See, Dad was a Supply Sargeant.
Some Supply specialists make the mistake of placing "customer service" and helping the Joe's ahead of watching the CO's back on Property Book.
One of the great lessons my dad has taught me is "get the papaerwork right - it keeps them from looking for the real problems - at least until you can straighten them out."
Yet when the mission's urgent, or the Soldier is out some essential piece of equipment, Supply somehow manages to get the right resource to the right person at the right time, paperwork to follow.
"You know John, in the end the executives don't make a thing, you have to take care of that workforce."

When I read Dadmanly's description of the duties of a supply sargeant it becomes so apparent why my dad came out of the military and chose the education and career path he did. I know it was not Dadmanly's intent, but this very informative post really touched me. Funny how you learn about the people you know best from people you've never met.


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