Saturday, September 17, 2005


US Army In Iraq Declares War On Blogotional!...

...without even knowing it. This post passes on fighting words:.

Armadillo... Amarillo... Same Difference

Assumption of Command links to this rather funny video based on the song "Is This The Way To Amarillo" but for whatever reason, the video titles itself "Is The The Way to..." well you get the idea.

A little background -- I lived through my entire elementary school years in AMARILLO, Texas -- it's a lovely town that I am still quit proud to have grown up in.

Located essentially in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on the southwest corner of the Great Plains, it was a fantastic place to be a kid. "Amarillo" is the spanish word for "yellow." The city is so named because of the color of the soils and rocks found in the region. It is most assuredly not indiciative of the character of the city's citizens despite many a child's efforts at derision.

This...thing, on the other hand is an ARMADILLO. It is, in essence, a heavily armored rat. Populating some of the more southern regions of the great state of Texas, Amarillo gets a little too cold in the winter for armadilloes to live there in any significant numbers.

My wife is found of saying they are so ugly they are cute -- I think they are just so ugly they are UGLY.

Anyway, here is the deal, if Mustang would be so kind as to tell me the unit and FOB from which this slanderous piece of video originates, I will fly myself to Iraq and immediately proceed to paint the entire base yellow, just to remind them of the difference between Amarillo, a lovely city which once housed a huge B-52 wing armed with nuclear weapons built in Amarillo, and a heavily armored rat.

UPDATE: Apparently it is not the US Army that has declared war on this blog, though Mustang fails to tell me which one it is. Assuming it's an unit of some sort that does not speak engilsh as a first language, this cultural affront can be forgiven, but I'm still on a hair trigger.


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