Sunday, October 16, 2005


Is Faith Trendy?

I found the blog Lame Worldview a while back when they were on a mission trip in Russia, given that I love all things russian. They're back now, but here is a post I enjoyed.
I have observed this problem among those who are more "movement-oriented." I have no doubt that many of them care and feel deeply about the church. However, I do question if they are really asking any new questions that have not been answered many times over, ad infinitum, by others before them.
There is an almost obsessive drive in our society for the new and the latest, often at the expense of the best. That drive fuels our economy and that is fine, but when it comes to matters spiritual, shouldn't it be about quality?

God has not changed over lo, these many millenia. That is one of the more important facts I try to bear in mind when I think about my faith.


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