Monday, October 17, 2005



Greenpeace has actually brought a legal case trying to save dolphins. This cracks me up.
Greenpeace had claimed in court that the ban was introduced to give "the impression" that action was being taken and it was "improperly political".
NO, there's no pot/kettle/black thing here. Besides they are taking away from the most important efforts to save this beleaguered creature.

This story about a recent fog in Lagos is really eeire to me. It reads more like kids in a spook house than a legitimate story on an environmental circumstances.

What's This?!
The contractor cleaning up the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant declared the $7 billion, 10-year project completed Thursday, a milestone in the conversion of the site to a wildlife refuge.
You mean to tell me engineers doing their job actually fix the environment when it needs fixing? No protests, or movements necessary? Whooda Thunk it.


Here's another on of those correlation = panic stories. It's about PCB's and genetic damage in the Baltic region. I'll hold the panic thank you.

Finally this is one of the transparent efforts to gin up an "environmental disaster" to justify transfer of wealth I have ever seen.


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