Sunday, October 02, 2005


Pretty Smart, I Think

Dadmanly has a bit on analysis about who we are fighting in Iraq.
Austin Bay and Dan Darling capture exactly the nature of this struggle as essentially a fight driven by foreign forces and influences. Whatever Saddam and any hidden partners may have initially planned ? and there is good reason to suspect he had co-conspirators and accomplices in Damascus and Tehran ? Zarqawi and his ambitions have clearly overwhelmed whatever other military players still operate in Iraq. For all intents and purposes, the Baathist hold-outs have faded nearly out of existence.
In other words, in Iraq we are at war with Al-Queda -- pure and simple.

Now think about this for a minute, that means we have, in a very real sense, managed to call out our enemy into a fight on a battleground of our choosing. That is how you win wars! They continue to play dirty with IED's and other terrorists tactics, instead of war tactics, but that is why it is so important that we have defined the battleground. That fact and the battleground we have constructed, it is smaller and more tightly controlled that possible here, gives us the tools we need to win the fight against an opponent that fights the way Al-Queda does.

What I find most interesting is the press' inability to see this for what it is. Much as they got caught up in the rumor and panic that was post-Katrina New Orleans, they are caught up in the andecdotal in Iraq and missing the big picture altogether.

Thank goodness for bloggers like Dadmanly and those he quotes to give us this perspective.


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